There are so many wonderful artists that will never be discovered like this (setting: Guggenheim Museum New York). What makes one so known and popular? Why are the words of some taken, why are some recognized.  We are all artists, why do we need to Idolize?

She spoke of his ways of painting, how his style changed, why he painted such things, why he changed paints and styles as if it was a deeply spiritual matter.  Does it please him, this praise? Most likely… You could do the same of Music.  An Elvis Museum (I wrote this before I knew there was such a thing…)  Analyzing his lyrics on one spectrum, their intense changes, the meaning behind them, their evolution and concordance with Drugs (I wrote this clueless to the fact that Elvis does not write his own lyrics), and then analyze the different instruments used in concordance with the history in background..

Why does the West always want to understand structurally?  We look for a concrete meaning, reason, understanding of art.  Its as if this Quest for Knowledge, one that can never be attained (due to subjectivity), gives them a reason to live.  Acceptance of that art as what it is.. shouldn’t this be enough?  If one were to find what they were looking for in attempting to find reasons in art/spirituality, wouldn’t he/she not but jump onto a new subject to Dissect… or would not his/her answers arouse new questions?

Kandinsky’s definition of colours, how they affect humans, what their effects are on us on a spiritual level… a beautiful concept, it might have its realities, yet It is flawed nonetheless, since everyone is different.  We all will react differently, depending on our culture, and deeper than that, our spiritual background.

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