12 august 2011

Mark – Crying to me, telling me intense emotions and feelings he has towards me. Me reiterating the dialogue to Harper.
Gab opens a bag of sugar (packet) on a hot summer day, and fruitflys invade my hands. I was killing them. I told gab that, before the flys become flys, they are little bugs that can fit into the smallest places, then they grow.
Raph and I (and two others) going down a river (that was familiar to me). There was a path beside it, and the whole thing was enclosed between two walls and ceiling.
Amelia sitting in front of me, with Nadine. Nadine kind of blaming me for being sad at her. Amelia hugging Raz, because they had been in love in the past.
A voice woke me up vividly from my night.. it was Derek asking me if I was OKAY (after I asked someone in my dream if they were okay).

Maybe I associated Amelia’s character with Nadine’s.

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