Moncton Impressions

First Impressions of Moncton (and possibly last)
Small town, compared to Ottawa, but big comapred to St-John. Seems like theres a counter culture here, or a very leftist underground. Maine street looks like Downtown Edmonton, which isn’t great to say, although it seems more cute and lively here. I like that people speak french, or franglais in their special accents. Met a lovely woman named Marjolaine (I like her name), from whom I bought overalls (35$). She’s a wonderful artist. Seems like there are lotsa kids hangin’ round the streets in NB, all younger than 20.. th’older kids must all have gone to University, or left to seek more adventurous lives. All and all, I get a good feeling in Moncton. I do not feel as though I’m in a small town nowhere, stuck in a Box. Seems open round here, people are friendly, the air seems light…

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