Zombi Nightmare and conservative lesbians. March 4th, 2012.

Recurring Zombi Dream.
I knew it all along… but I enjoyed the time of peace before the zombi arrived; we were in a fully windowed little school in stark gone middle of the country/snow.
The dream began kind of free styled. I was riding my motorbike lots, and had to pick up Rhys; so we had to switch bags all thtime. Then I was riding alone, on a deserted highway id been on before -i knew this because the highway ends awkward and narrow, leaving a flimsy exit on its right hand side-, but before I reached the end, my car (motorcycle was a car for this scene) stopped running, but either my breaks didnt work or there was lotsa ice on the ground… and i rolled into town slowly in that uncontrolable vehicle…It was surreal -as dreams often are-, it was slowmotion, and the car landed right beside Rhys. He was weirded out, scared we were going to hit something -which is unlike Rhys-, and a big man, looked like a star wars character, made an extremely worried comment… not about the motorcycle, but about coming events… I was worrried in my dream. We were in Rhys’ room, getting things ready. We went to a seminar.. I dont know what the subject was, but there were about 12 people sitting on a display structure in the front. All were lesbian couples; very girly girls- no boyish ones. The older female reporter to my right seemed disappointed at how straight they all were; none of them was in an open relationship. I got up, worried, tried to put my shoe on; but my sock was too big. I took it off, and realized i had another sock underneath; so I dipped the sock I was wearing in a glass of beer. It was soaked – either I told myself It would be useful later, or I was trying to make others believe I acted in a useful way to ward off the bad looks I was getting. I was still happy in the dream, but I knew zombi doom was approaching…
We get to the school, everyone in. We’re in class, and Rhys is the first one to see them. “Zombies are here”, he says. Fuck, I think.. I run out to the Hall, and tell every class that Zombies are here ; lock the windows (walls are entirely, of course, made up of windows – also, the corridor is a wiiide triangular window sun roof that dips down in the middle-). We have to lock all the corridor sun roof, for which there are three levels of windows; Rhys keeps on repeating a magical formula so we know to either lock up or down; they’re all different. I’m fucking scared, terrified… and don’t know how to get out of the dream. I’d had the dream before, and hated it. I hate zombis; they’re one of the few things I have nightmares about. My body wakes me up. I’m happy for the seconds I’m awake… until I fall back asleep. I’m out on the streets, back in dream, and the school is now in the city; thing is, I’m not in, and zombis are all around. I knock, two people let me in.. Fiouf. Then, its nighttime… I’m in a classroom, with Rhys. We’re sharing a bed, and he’s talking non-chalantly, trying to sing a song… I look up to my left, at the windows…to all the big eyed, white faced, creeping figures scratching away with crazed desires. Theres about 10 at each window. I turn to Rhys and tell him that I can’t stay here any longer; I’m sorry… Feels disappointing… like he was ready to confront the creatures by my side, but I couldn’t; too chickenshit. Zombis are some horribly freaky shit; especially when they look like they choose One prey, consciously. A conscious humanoid being that wants nothing else but to chew into your raw flesh… yuck.
I woke up, and here I am. Awake, but still super scared. I’m 23, I have nightmares, and now I’m afraid to go pee. !!!
Note: dont eat chocolate before bed.

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