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Dark Eileen O’Connell, 1773

My Rider of the bright eyes, What happened you yesterday?                                                         I thought you in my heart                                                                                                                When I bought you your fine clothes, A man the world could not slay. Advertisements

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drunks are lords

Redundancy: Humans are sociable creatures, and are socialized within the context of society. Why do we feel sad for drunks?  As opposed to feeling sad for the suburban wife who blindly takes part in a recipe routine of actions\activities that … Continue reading

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Dream inquiry.

“Once we learn to share our dreams in the right way with a partner or a group, we have an excellent recourse both for understanding our dreams and for determining the right action to honor them” p.28 Active Dreaming. What … Continue reading

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Rogue nefarious wild

He basks in the playground of his wholly unnatural, violently unnurtured social reality; a reality grotesque to all others, fostered by the care of none other than the wild rogue desire of badassory.

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bus blues 2

The bus is one of those places you forget you greatly despise, and come to remember as an adventurous sojourn of lengthy idle pleasure through new landscapes and small towns… until you ride again the bus.

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