High Times.

energy = light = sight = experience//lived = energy = development 

What we experience in the world gets our motors running, but without our motors running, we don’t experience much of the world.  So many things share at their core, the pandemic Chicken or Egg dilemma.  I guess its the age old penultimate dilemma. 

Did the Creator create the World? Or did the World create the Creator? They both are logically sound questions, they both are tenable. 

If the World created the Creator, then the ‘Creator”s creator is its own creation.

If you believe that the world created the Creator, then its understood that you almost must believe that there are some people who created a Creator that would have the world as its creation.  These people took all the power they had, and gave it away to a Force all great and mighty.  X, makes itself a minion, a mere creator at the mercy of… a Creator he has created. 

Its like if, Frankestein the monster, believed that he had created Frankestein the Scientist. 


We change so much as we grow, but all within the confines of a given environment.The changes are, for the greater majority of the masses, usually miniscule, and when they, and this is of rare occurrence, happen to be of a somewhat revolutionary grandeur, they call ’em mid life crisis. 

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