munchkin band, first rekindling, bradlady.

Night of 7-8 April.  Went to bed round 1 am, drank dream tea 2 hours before sleep. (recounting of dream at 1:05 afternoon, so lots of time has passed since then).

I woke up very happy this morning because I vividly remembered some of my dream.  This hasn’t been happening often lately, and therefore this morning, which is amidst a sequence of overburdened, overpopulated days of unnerving stimuli, truly came as an omen… like a warm calm spring morning when all you have on your mind are songs of sparrows and the turning of dried leaves in a sea of worms…  This is a good sensual reminder of why I am so impassioned with dreams; to me, remembering dreams with clarity and little confusion is a natural way of telling of my awareness.  I therefore feel comforted this morning, today the day of blessed remembering!  After a long haul, trekking through the slumbered pace of winter, gently unthawing to a long awaited calm that I embrace with full-hearted grace.  Truly, this has power over me, more than most ever has… this remembering, perhaps, tells of my raw self, the one I gain glimpses of now and then, the one that was with me last summer in the Yukon, the one that writes certain songs, the one that feels just right.

I went to montreal by bus to see a show.  Red was performing.  We texted eachother in the dream, and he mentioned that he enjoyed my ideas, and he was happy to be in contact with me.  He was on stage, a big black stage, and behind him were three floors of stage, compartmentalized in 6 sections (a bit like Hollywood Blocks?).  In each section was a distinctly dressed and arranged group of young kids, 5-6-7 year olds.  Some were playing bells, some were sitting in chairs playing flutes, some were dancing; all were wearing special costumes.  The room was very dark, and Red was very seriously playing his heart out while the munchkin band accompanied him (of course there were older people there helping the kids out).

After the show, Red might have become Louis, a boy I knew in my childhood.  He is my Mother’s friend’s (Johanne) son, and he use to be my brother’s best friend.  I was outside with Louis, and there was obvious tension between the two of us; tension because of knowledge that we knew we were to connect on a deep level.  His parents were outside with us, it wasn’t too cold.  His parents were different, an older couple, very much like grandparents. I was meeting them for the first time, and in my dream, it was much the same situation as in real life; I had been a decade since I had seen Louis.  Louis smoked two cigarettes. I was surprised because I didn’t think he smoked, but it was a special grey hazy night, circumstances sometimes makes us do things we wouldn’t usually. We started walking, his parents left in a car.  I was about to take the bus back to Montreal, and I had a moment of dread (very realistic) when I thought of how tired I would be the next morning in Ottawa.  I asked Louis how to get back, because I felt disoriented, and as soon as he took me around the corner of the building, I knew where I was.  I recognized the alley I had passed through to get there, and remembered the path back… but he insisted on walking me to the bus.  We walked in silence, and suddenly I found myself most comfortably with my arm in his, and my head on his shoulder.  It felt like we were the typical ‘kindred’ spirits.  As we walked, he said how tiring it must be for me to travel all this distance for one show and go back again. I told him I was use to it, and as soon as I said that, I felt stupid for perhaps sounding like I was boasting.  We walked into the shopping mall, which was preceded by a interior humid garden, and I was instantly overjoyed by how beautifully random it was.  Entering the mall, on the second floor, I saw Bradley on the first floor.  His new ‘thing’, and this I just knew in my dream, was to dress up like a woman. He was wearing a heavy long wool coat, and a long and thin brimmed hat, beige-auburn coloured.  As he speedily paced along the first floor, I called out his name, and as he was being carried away amidst the throngs of shoppers, he looked up and quite ecstatically called out my name.  We met in the middle of the staircase.

xoxo.  This dream made me very happy.  Red (i had seen him the day before, and he told me that he was finally starting his band, so this is fitting), Louis (I haven’t seen or talked to him in a long time) and Brad (it was nice to see him and feel his energy).

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