what did the pencil say to the other pencil? (Hey, be sharper!)

feels strange to write for pleasure on a screen, pressing buttons and typing every letter sequentially, with no fluidity of motion.  how can one possibly take oneself seriously, not that one necessarily should.  if i have something of importance i feel i must find through reciting, this quest and my thirst suddenly feel magnetic, a little synthetic. it is as if my detachment from these words in this medium, has an adverse effect on the thoughts i am want to generate.  of course i am simply writing at the moment to get my motors running, let something inside me loose, so i guess in all honesty i am fooling myself by devaluating the boons of the blogspace, or the boons of whatever space this is at the moment.  Its the infinite, this internet… yet it seems so limiting. it is truly here, there and everywhere.
come to think of it, this is rather unsatisfying. makes me lethargic to be staring at this box, whereas if i was jotting thoughts on paper with pencil, i would not be writing about my note taking medium of choice.  life is not funny like that. 😉

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