Bad nights when im all dried up

Bad nights, when I’m all dried up,
and my fingers wont help it,
and the thirst wont come;
…those are the worst.

Most nights I’m real thirsty,
but I can’t find the good wine.

Ì know blessed nights (lurid nights),
when that lurking wine shakes me,
and I’m never quite quenched
and sleeping’s a drag,
and my nipples get hard,
and my chest it starts burning
and I breath it all in and it hangs from my tongue
and I start juicing up when I feel the imps go for my asshole
and grope my wet thighs,

(I musta moaned like Rosemary)

and the cherubims taste me
and hallow’s upon me,

Hallelu .. Hallelu… ah,
and it all comes out raw,
the way we like it coming.

but I’m always left jonesing.
(but at least that recounting got me wet)

Why does it all come in one great torrent?
How do you drink it all up?
How do you keep some for later

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