hungry fire

surely you don’t need me anymore
cause of course he went away in the dew of the morning
and I woke up in a sad state, closer to dying

I forgot to run my fingers down your spine
though I’m sure he didn’t mind…
But I forgot a hundred times, and its hard when you’re crying.
It’s hard to feel pain when you’re not sick of loving

I’ll be closer to love when I’ll be closer to dying

Well I was in the river when you saw me
drowning out of my old skin, in the tumbling rain
I was in the shadows when you heard me crying

Singing My Oh My, What a Hungry Fire,
I was burning up…

Well the sun was in the forest, where there once was a bad storm
I’ve come to accept it, this fires gonna burn.

Hold me in your arms, when you falter, oh be leaving.
Its hard to hold on, when holding on to nothing.

I’ll be closer to love, when I’ll be closer to dying (4)

My oh my, what a Hungry Fire….

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